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look a fan


Oksana Skorik dancing Diamonds from ‘Jewels’

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Svetlana Zakharova and David Hallberg in Bolshoi’s The Sleeping Beauty
Photo by Elena Fetisova (?)


© Svetlana Postoenko

Svetlana Lunkina and David Hallberg, “Swan Lake”, Bolshoi Ballet

this is such a gorgeous photo


Paris Opera Ballet at the backstage during US Summer Tour in Harris Theater - Chicago

Photo © Allison Shelley

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Anonymous said: what are you in portland for?

oregon ballet theatre summer intensive

quick update: i freakin love portland and i’m doing things here i never thought i was capable of doing before so :~)

ok i’ve barely had any time to update but i’m having so much fun at obt and learning a lot and enjoying the city and making a lot of friends!! i’m going to approach the director about possibly staying year round this year or next year but yeah if you have questions i’m happy to answer (o:


Yuan Yuan Tan, San Francisco Ballet

Anastasia Matvienko as Medora in Le Corsaire, Mariinsky Ballet
Photograph by Stas Levshin